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URDD Football

On the 26th of April, Johnston C.P School participated in the Urdd football tournament at Goodwick. When we arrived, we were all excited and eager to play. We knew our first game was against Tenby and they were going to be tough. We had four nine-minute games to play.

Sadly, we lost to Tenby 3-0, butit was a close game. We started off slowly and soon we picked up the pace and would not let them score again. We knew Tenby were a top class side, but we had done well to not concede too many goals. We were most please with our positive attitudes, keeping on going even though the game was difficult.

Our second game was against Lamphey and we beat them 2-0. It was an amazing game and we played our heart out. Rhys scored a goal close to the corner flag. Then they had a corner and Rhys headed it to Morgan and he nearly scored. We had a corner and Morgan took it. Then Morgan scored from a corner because one of the Lamphey players took a deflection. We were all very proud of our endeavours and it made us feel proud to play for the school.

Our third game we lost to Caer Elen and it finished in a 2-0 defeat. Again, it was a close game, but Caer Elen had two great goals from the start and then we started to wake up, but the game ended just as we were on the attack.

Finally, our last game was against Redhill, and we won 3-0. It was great to play against the Redhill players after playing them in tag rugby not long ago. It was a close game, but we came out on top. First Connor crossed it to Morgan and he headed it but it hit the post and logan scored.

Overall, our players did Johnston School proud and we are looking forward to the next tournament! For several of our players, it was the first time that they had represented the school.


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