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Science and Technology

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Our Vision For Digital Competency 

For Pupils –

We aim to develop our pupils’ competencies and skills so that they have the self-efficiency to succeed in the 21st century.

For Teachers - We aim to develop our staff digital and pedagogical skills and abilities in their professional practice.


Collectively, the school will seek to develop the following digital competencies:


Citizenship – which includes:

  • Identity, image and reputation

  • Health and well-being

  • Digital rights, licensing and ownership

  • Online behaviour and cyberbullying.


Producing – which includes:

  • Planning, sourcing and searching

  • Creating

  • Evaluating and improving.


Interacting and collaborating – which includes:

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Storing and sharing.


Data and computational thinking – which includes:

  • Problem solving and modelling

  • Data and information literacy.


This Area of Learning and Experience draws on the disciplines of:

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design and Technology, and Physics.

Developments in both Science and Technology have always been drivers of change in society, underpinning innovation and impacting on everyone’s lives, materially, economically and culturally. As such, this area of learning and experience will be consistently relevant in the opportunities young people encounter and the life choices that they make.

The importance of scientific and technological literacy in our modern world cannot be understated. It is not sufficient that learners can simply ‘do’ Science and Technology. Ready access to vast amounts of information requires all learners to be able to assess inputs critically, understand the basis of information presented as fact, and make informed judgements that impact their own behaviours and values. They need to develop the ability to meaningfully ask the question: ‘Just because we can, does that mean we should?’.

Here at Johnston Community Primary School we focus on developing the 'What Matters' statements within the  Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience.

  • Science and Technology uses prediction, testing and questioning to develop theories and innovations that increase our understanding of both our physical and digital worlds and that aim to improve our lives.

  • Being curious and searching for answers helps further our understanding of the natural world and helps society progress.

  • Design thinking and engineering are technical and creative endeavours intended to meet society’s needs and wants.

  • The world around us is full of living things which depend on each other for survival.

  • Understanding the atomic nature of matter and how it shapes the world.

  • Forces and energy determine the structure and dynamics of the universe. 

  • Computation applies algorithms to data in order to solve real-world problems.


We pride ourselves on providing your children with the best resources and teaching and learning experiences across the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged and supported to develop their inner confidence in order to raise attainment and improve their well being. Pupils are provided with experiences to develop the key skills (thinking, communication, ICT and number) within all aspects of their learning.

All pupils from Nursery to Year 6 have the opportunity to develop their ICT (Information Communication Technology) skills through other curriculum areas across the six key strands of ICT (Programming, Data Handling, Digital Literacy, Multimedia and Our Digital World) using a variety of hardware and software within the classroom, around the school and using the facilities of our wonderful ICT Suite. Pupils are exposed to new technologies and online resources to expand their ICT experiences and skills.

Primary Science Quality Mark

We are currently working towards the Primary Science Quality Mark which will support us to continue to raise the profile of science. Keep an eye out for work that we will be sharing throughout the year! 

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