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Sport at Johnston 

Sport is central to our Johnston curriculum and has been for some time. We provide organised sport during after School Clubs and on Friday afternoons. The sports programme is designed to encourage a rich and diverse experience for pupils. Opportunity is key: boys & girls play for school teams and in House competitions for sports teams including rugby, football, netball and cricket, as well as a broad array of other sports such as tennis, boccia, cross-fit, athletics and cross country. 

Teacher enjoy coaching sports teams and we also rely on the support of excellent volunteer coaches. 

Whilst pupils enjoy playing sports in their own right, the process of engaging in sport at Johnston also embodies many qualities promoted by the School . Learning to win and lose; to lead and be led; to push oneself to, and perhaps beyond, one’s perceived limits; to think as part of a team; to know when to strive for more and when to acknowledge defeat – these are all part of learning to be human. Consequently, Johnston aims to give every pupil the chance to benefit from learning through sport by playing, improving and enjoying the sport of their choice.

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Educating through sport, with the guiding principles of participation, performance and enjoyment.

How have we developed our sports Programme? 

All pupils  are encouraged to take advantage of the Friendly Match programme regardless of the sports they like to play or the level at which they play them. This programme includes coaching and fitness sessions, but also encompasses other areas of physical development that all pupils can engage in. Through the Friendly match programme, pupils develop their overall athletic performance, including: an appreciation of healthy nutrition, the importance of rest and recovery, and how exercise can have a positive impact on mental health.

Friday Afternoons: 

We follow an asymmetric timetable which means that officially lessons finish at 12:30 on Fridays. Friday afternoons provides us with an excellent opportunity to arrange Friendly Matches with schools from around the county. Predominantly we play football, netball and rugby (all mixed girls and boys). We have found that this model is highly successful in supporting pupils to discover sport that they enjoy and not only continue with their sporting development in school but joining clubs outside school. 

            "I love our Friendly sports matches. I joined the rugby team in March 2023 and since then               I have started playing for a club outside of school. I have played in ten manches this                     academic year and I have grown in confidence." Year Six Pupil.


95% of pupils in years five and six have represented the school in extra-curricular sport.  

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