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Mathematics and Numeracy 

Our Vision 

ALL of our learners will be mathematical thinkers who value the commitment needed to solve problems and understand the need to think deeply in mathematics. 

Our learners will relish every opportunity to think flexibly, seek patterns and be curious, as they explore the beauty of mathematics.  We will provide engaging real life experiences for our learners  and we will enable them to take their time and become resilient so that they ALL understand the value of mathematics in their daily  lives.


The new curriculum of Mathematics and Numeracy, by definition, has numeracy at its heart.

Numeracy involves applying and connecting the five mathematical skills in a range of real-life contexts, within the Mathematics and Numeracy Area of Learning and Experience and the wider curriculum. There are five main areas that have been identified in the new curriculum:

  • Conceptual understanding; having the knowledge to understand and explain a mathematical concept.

  • Communication with symbols.

  • Strategic competence (i.e. formulating problems mathematically in order to solve them).

  • Logical reasoning.

  • Fluency


Our approach to Mathematics and Numeracy aims to develop all these areas in a purposeful and meaningful way for all our pupils. Teachers focus on developing procedural fluency and offering pupils opportunity to apply their mathematical understanding in real-life contexts. Teachers use a scheme called Maths No Problem! To support the planning and delivery of lessons. As a school, we are working towards embedding a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to the teaching of maths where pupils develop a deep and secure understanding of key concepts. 

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