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Real Curriculum

Joined-up Learning

At Johnston, our curriculum is fascinating, carefully planned, and above all purposeful. Our joined-up approach to our curriculum design means that pupils see that there is relevance and context to their learning. They are also able to make links between different A.O.L.E.sand draw on prior learning and experiences.  Pupils learn key knowledge in a sequential order to enable them to make sense of what they are learning and build on what they have learnt already.

The Project Journey

Each term, pupils in Y1-6 set out on their Johnston Project learning journey. The structure of the journey is always familiar:

  • Children start their project by exploring their essential question.

  • Children are given opportunities to showcase their work to a range of audiences.

  • There are great opportunities for enrichment built in through trips and visitors.

  • Children reflect upon their final outcomes and celebrate their achievements.

  • We value oracy and ensure that children are given the opportunity to speak publicly and share their learning with others.

  • Where possible we build-in community outcomes so that children are able to have a positive impact on the world around them.

What does REAL stand for?


Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic Learning

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