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Expressive Arts


Our Vision 

The Expressive Arts play an exciting, dynamic and integral role in the educational experience of our learners. Through involvement in the Expressive Arts, we believe our learners can develop a wide range of qualities such as passion, ambition, cooperation and enthusiasm. All our learners will have access to a broad range of rich opportunities and experiences, so that they might discover and develop their own individual talents and interests and foster confidence, self-expression and a growth mindset. These experiences will provide inspiration, challenge and entertainment and will help learners develop perceptual, physical communication and creative skills. The Expressive Arts are a powerful and emotive medium through which learners can explore both Wales and the wider world, developing a sense of cynefin as well as an understanding and appreciation of other societies and cultures.  The dynamic nature of the Expressive Arts can engage and motivate learners and so encourage them to develop their creative, artistic and performance skills to the full.

How are we developing Expressive Arts?

The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience centres on the five disciplines of art, dance, drama, film and digital media and music. While these disciplines have a common creative process and share transferable skills, each has its own discrete body of knowledge and set of discernible skills. This area of learning and experience will ensure that learners are able to access all five disciplines.

Johnston Community Primary will afford learners meaningful experiences through which they can gain an understanding and an appreciation of the diverse communities of Wales as well as the wider world. During Expressive Arts experiences, learners will be physically, socially and emotionally engaged and, as a result, their well-being, self-esteem and resilience will be nurtured. This in turn will enhance their self-confidence.

The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience will also foster creativity and critical thinking skills which will aid learners’ capacity to question, make connections, innovate, solve problems, communicate, collaborate and reflect critically. These are higher-order skills in demand by employers and essential for learners to become active twenty-first century citizens.

Importantly, this Area of Learning and Experience will make the Expressive Arts accessible to all and, through this inclusive approach, expand the horizons of every learner.

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