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Healthy Schools

We are a very healthy school!!!


Johnston Community Primary School is part of the Pembrokeshire County Council Healthy Schools' scheme. The project forms part of the 'World Health Organizations initiative European Network of Health Promoting Schools'.

Our aim at Johnston Community Primary School is to help children to grow to be healthy, safe and responsible and become active citizens of our community and wider world.  

There are seven different health topics that we as a school address. These include:

  • Food and Fitness

  • Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being

  • Personal Development and Relationships

  • Substance Use and Misuse

  • Environment

  • Safety

  • Hygiene

We have achieved our Phase 5 Healthy Schools Award and are currently working towards the National Quality Award (NQA).

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All food and drink prepared for the children during school time and After School Club follow Pembrokeshire County Council  healthy eating guidelines. During breaktimes we have a ‘fruit only’ policy. Children may either purchase a piece of fruit from our ‘Fruit Tuckshop’ or bring their own from home.


We work hard to promote the health and well being of the children and staff at school.


We ask parents of children who bring a packed lunch to school to make every effort to ensure that the packed lunch contains a healthy eating and drinking selection. This is consistent with our Health Promoting Policy.


Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of cold, fresh water helps to develop concentration skills and the well-being of the individual. We ensure that our children have access to cold, fresh drinking water throughout the school day.

Simple steps for keeping water bottles clean:

• These bottles should only be used for water.
• Rinse the bottle and the cap daily with fresh cold water.
• Once a week, the bottle and the cap should be soaked in a solution of
Milton as per label instructions.
• Rinse both the bottle and the cap again and leave the bottle sealed.

• Rinse the bottle and the cap again before filling for use


Physical Activity

Physical fitness is very important at Johnston School. Our children get plenty of exercise through their PE lessons, the use of our extensive grounds and facilities during break and lunchtimes and through our wide range of extra-curricular clubs including running, rugby, football, netball, rounders, cricket and athletics. Pupils in Key Stage Two swim regularly, ensuring that by the time they leave primary school they are confident swimmers.

Anti-Bullying /Bwlio yn yr Ysgol
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