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Our school is in the English speaking area of the county and is classed as an English medium school with Welsh taught as a second language.  The school has adopted the Pembrokeshire Scheme of Work for Welsh as a second language and has achieved the Siarter Iaith Bronze Award. Staff and pupils are encouraged to use Welsh as part of their everyday language in school.  We aim to develop the use of the language and to provide a relevant context for the teaching of it.  Children develop their skills in speaking, reading and writing through activities and games in Foundation phase, as well as weekly writing in Welsh in Key Stage Two.   Children are encouraged to be proud of their Welsh heritage and to respect the cultural identity of all children in school through a cross-curricular approach, especially through Geography, History, Art and Music.  We focus on our similarities and shared beliefs.


The use of Welsh language is promoted right throughout the school with all staff encouraging the use of Welsh on a daily basis.

In both Foundation Phase and Key stage 2 we have ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ which is a helper of the day for Welsh, their job is to ensure Welsh is being used by children and adults, to initiate conversations and choose games to play that will enhance their language skills.


Criw Cymraeg is a big part of our school. This is a team of pupils ranging from Year 1 through to Year 6 that meet regularly to monitor Welsh across the school and to discuss ways in which we can help improve bilingualism. Criw Cymraeg are very proud of their role within the school and are a great help in making sure Welsh is promoted every day within the school.


Welsh assemblies take place on a weekly basis. During the assemblies, as well as focusing on the use of Welsh language and praising those who are making the best effort to use Welsh, we also focus on cultural awareness. To be proud of where we live is something we promote and by focusing on different landmarks, building, icons from Wales we are encouraging children to think about the opportunities around them and the wonderful things we have here in Wales.

Mis Hydref - 2022 

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