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Outdoor Learning 

Outdoor learning is fundamental to life at Johnston School. We have an active learning approach and use our wonderful grounds very effectively to enhance curriculum experiences. 

Maes Meithrin

The school has a large field, which we are developing as a fantastic resource for environmental studies and personal and social education. Pupils have named the field 'Maes Meithrin'. 

We have made a long term commitment to develop this area so that it provides rich and exciting learning opportunities for pupils. 

Maes Meithrin already includes: 

- A vegetable garden.

- An orchard.

- A poly tunnel. 


- Loose Parts Play.

- A stream.

- A wild meadow.

SHLNG - Roots Johnston-020.JPG
SHLNG - Roots Johnston-035.JPG

Outdoor Learning Environment 

Each class has an outdoor learning area which is used throughout the week.  We believe that it is important that children apply the skills that they have used in a real-life context and we frequently use the outdoors to do this. 

The quality of outdoor learning provision is recognised nationally and we are in the process of becoming the only Leaf Education beacon school in Wales. 

The Roots/Gwreiddiau Project 

A key part of our outdoor learning work involves working with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The Roots/Gwreiddiau project was set up at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of strengthening links between schools and local food producers and raising awareness of how food is produced. Since then, the project has gone from strength to strength, facilitating a wide range of outdoor learning opportunities in several local primary schools in the Milford Schools Cluster area.

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