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Cross Country is Finally Back!

Wow! What an amazing afternoon we had at the Cross-Country Competition in Carew.

Yesterday we participated in the Pembrokeshire Schools Cross Country event in Carew. Almost every school in Pembrokeshire attended and there were over 1200 runners!

For most of us it was our first ever event and we were all nervous and scared as travelled on the bus. Cross country is fun, but it hurts at the end and it is very scary!

We had almost fifty children in our team from years three to six and we were all supporting each other. Everybody ran incredibly well and we lost our voices because we were cheering so hard. A massive well done to Blake who won the year four boys race. Amazing!

Year Five Girls Race

At the start of my race I was feeling focused but determined. Then man shot the gun which was very loud! When the race started, I was in forth place. I tried to make my way to the front but there were two laps because it was a big field. I started to close in and I took second place. I had given so much effort, I didn't how much more energy I had left. About half way around the second lap I managed to take the lead and I knew that the other girls were struggling more than me because I managed to open up a gap. Crossing the line I couldn't believe that I had won.

My mum was proud of me for doing so well and I felt so happy I loved it. My teachers were so proud of me as well!

By Ellie H.

Johnston Fight Never Dies!


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