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URDD Rugby

On Thursday 19th October, we had a great day with Mr. Colville!

We were extremely excited as the rugby competition had been cancelled two weeks previously and we had been training hard with Mr. Gardiner and Mr. Elliot.

When we arrived in school, we got our kit on and walked out to the minibus. Covid-19 had meant that this was the first time that most of us had represented the school. We were very nervous but we knew that we were a young team and that we could do well.

We drove all the way to Narberth RFC Pitch. When we got to the pitch, we got our boots on, then we went to play. There was a great atmosphere and lots of schools and families were in attendance.

The first game we played against St. Oswald's School. Sadly, we lost 3 – 0. We were down for the first game but then we had to switch it on. We won against Bryconin 3 tries to 2. It was a hard game; we were drawing 2 – 2 but we still won. This game showed us that if we had determination then we could win.

After that we waited for 40 minutes for the next game, we played Ysgol Caer Elen. We thought it was going to be a hard game, but we tried so hard, and we won

3 – 0. This was our best performance of the day. We were thought that they were going to be a strong team and as such we all really stepped up. Our forth and final game was reduced to six minutes as the URDD were running out of time. It was a game that if we won, we would go to semi-finals and finals. Unfortunately, we lost 1 – 0 against Temby school and we were disappointed that the minutes had been reduced. We were close to getting to the semi-finals. We all enjoyed the day and felt that we had shown how much that we had improved. We look forward to playing again next year.

By Noah C. Year Five.


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