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Sports Season Begins Against Redhill

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

On Tuesday, Johnston C.P School had the privilege of playing against Redhill Primary School in a tag rugby match at Johnston school's sports field. Players Rhys Dalton and Aurora Phillips have told us all about the match.

After challenging times not being able to play inter-school sport due to the pandemic, including the cancellation of a rugby tournament, Johnston finally had the chance to play against another team. We knew that Redhill would be a challenging opponent, as they play three hours of this sport a week. However, after some training and motivation from our classmates and teachers, we were ready to give it our all.

With the pupils of the younger classes cheering our team on, we got ready to play. From minute one it was clear that the opponents were skilful and equally hungry for the win. Throughout the first half, neither team dominated the game and tries were scored by both sides. The Johnston crowd were cheering and chanting, motivating the Johnston players to continue their way to the try line!

This pattern continued in the second half, although unfortunately Redhill were able to break through the Johnston defence slightly more frequently. The game finished on a score of 12-10 to Redhill. Despite the defeat, we were proud of the Year 5 and 6 children who took part and demonstrated great teamwork skills and enthusiasm!

Written by Rhys and Aurora. Year Six.

Year Three and Four Report

On Tuesday 5th April, we were lucky enough to play Redhill Prep School in a tag rugby match. We won the coin toss and decided to start with the ball. Jack Wornham was the first receiver drove down the middle with speed and before the opposition knew it they were down by one. Redhill were on the move pushing Johnston back and with the support from their team they scored a try.

It was our kick off again and Zac passed the ball to Dexter and we were flying along the wings. Dexter drove down the left side stepping and weaving in and out of players until he got tagged. A sharp offload to Jack and he was in for another amazing try.

It was half time and Mr. Coville gave us a motivational team talk as we were in for a tough game, going into the second half tied 5-5.

The second half was on. Redhill started with the ball, they were able to hold on to possession for a sustained period of time. Luckily, they dropped it and Zac dived on the ball like a lion leaping for its prey. Zac passed the ball to Dexter and he was able to run around the organised defence to score a try.

Entering the final quarter, Redhill had the ball but they hesitated and we were able to get six tags and turn over the ball. The Johnston crowd roared with excitement which motivated us to work our way down the pitch. By this time, almost every class in the school was cheering us on! Dexter passed Frankie the ball and Frankie darted down the line and scored another for the mighty Johnston team. In the final few minutes, we lost our concentration and Redhill went past to score another two tries with the final score ending up 7-9. Well done everyone, what great fun!

Written by Dexter and Jack. Year Four.


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